Worst Child You Know To Receive Both New Consoles This Christmas


WWN HAVE received reports that full-time little shit Max from up the road is set to receive both the soon-to-be-released PlayStation 5 and the XBox Series S consoles for Christmas, as well as an as-yet-confirmed ‘load of games for each’.

7-year-old Max, known locally as a bad-mannered pup, made the announcement out on the green yesterday evening following Sony’s launch trailer for their new console, firmly stating that he was to receive the PS5 from Santa and Microsoft’s rival console from his parents.

Although some parents have assured their kids that Max (surname not known at this point) may just be bluffing, most analysts have stated that he probably will get the two of them ‘because there doesn’t seem to be any attempt from his parents at putting manners on the little fucker’.

“This really punches a hole in our ‘only good kids get presents’ lessons” sighed one local parent, taking a break from answering the door to that knick-knacking little prick Max.

“I mean sure, he’s chief suspect in the decimation of my flowers in the front yard and he almost certainly the one bullying my daughter into tears every day, but sure; buy him a thousand euro’s worth of consoles to go with the PS4 and Xbox One he already has. Like he’ll ever have time to play them while he’s out every day throwing rocks at the neighbourhood cats”.

Furthermore, Max has expressed no interest in a Nintendo Switch as it’s ‘for babies’ and if you own one, you are almost certainly ‘gay’.