“If We’re Good Enough For TV Presenters, We’re Good Enough For Kids” Claire Byrne’s Shed Speaks Out


DEFENDING recent news that a garden shed is to be used to as a covid-19 isolation room, celebrity shed Claire Byrnes shed rubbished critics of Clonbonny National School.

“Oh, we’re okay when it’s an RTÉ presenter, but when it comes to protecting your precious little darlings we’re the worst idea ever?” put Claire Byrnes shed, its door now flapping angrily in the wind. “Shedism like this needs to stop in the media and picking on poor rural school sheds only highlights the fact that Irish people are becoming snobs”.

The shed’s comments come after parents and staff at the national school outside Athlone have strongly criticised the Department of Education over the back to school preparations by suggesting the wooden structure as a method of quarantining suspected covid cases.

“These bunch of posh shites will probably opt in for a fancy prefab unit now or something,” Claire Byrnes shed added, “urgh, is there anything more pretentious than a shiny new prefab with its glitzy windows and convenient electricity sockets.

“I just want to say that people in Ireland are developing a lot of notions for a bunch of muck savages who literally just crawled out of a bog 200 years ago. You people make us sheds sick,” Ms Byrnes shed concluded, before slamming its door.