Larry Murphy At Home Watching Old Larry Murphy Documentaries


REMINISCING on a time when people were actually worried about his whereabouts and current activities, convicted kidnapper, rapist and attempted murderer Larry Murphy sat back in his favourite chair, sparked up a cigarette, and pressed play on an old TV3 documentary detailing his crimes.

Pausing on old footage of himself entering an Amsterdam apartment in 2012, Murphy wondered had it all blown over, and what would become of him if he decided to move home.

“Christ, this is so dated. I wonder why Virgin Media haven’t taken up the reins; they don’t even check up on me anymore, I feel abandoned,” Murphy muttered to himself, imagining what his London neighbours and friends would do if they ever found out about his past, “I’d have to move again if they did… but this London is such a great city – you can actually just disappear here without anyone noticing”.

Switching over to another TV special on how he could be connected to a series of murders over a 15 year period, Murphy realigned himself in his chair as a mixture of anxiety and alleviation tingled through his body.

“I suppose I should have come out publicly and denied any involvement with all those other murders,” he said, smirking at his own sick memories, “but sure, where would the fun in that be? ” he concluded, before turning over to Love Island.