Motorist Flees Scene Of Horrific Parallel Parking Attempt


GARDAI are appealing for any information surrounding a brutal attempt at parallel parking in Waterford city centre over the weekend, WWN can confirm.

At around 4:45pm, the driver of a grey Opel Corsa approached a parking space which eyewitnesses claim was ‘more than big enough’ to accommodate the car, with one going so far as to state that ‘you’d fit a bus in there’.

To the horror of eyewitnesses, the driver made several horrific attempts to park the car, while trying to manoeuvre the vehicle in the general direction of the available space.

As traffic began impatiently mounting in both directions, the driver fled the scene at speed before anyone had a chance to ask him ‘what the fuck’ he thought he was trying to do.

“It was dreadful. There were women and young children on the street at the time, who had to watch that” recalled one shocked local.

“You could see him in the car getting redder and more vexed with each attempt, and his wife was in the passenger seat trying to tell him that he still had loads of room on her side. He made six, maybe seven goes at it, and then you could see him say lose his shit and tear off”.

Gardaí believe the driver may have been spotted up the road looking for a space that he could ‘drive straight into’, and to call the local station with any information relating to the suspect.