Nation Pretty Excited To Have Its Own Corrupt Superintendent, Just Like TV


FOLLOWING raids on a number of premises in Munster this morning where three gardaí were arrested in relation to criminal activities, the nation has welcomed the news, likening it to one of those gritty crime dramas on TV and putting Ireland on the police corruption map.

Shadowing lesser boring corruption charges like, wiping penalty points, falsifying breathalyzer tests, launching reputation destroying campaigns against whistleblowers and filming porn videos in squad cars, the latest arrests have unearthed an organised crime connection within in the force, just like the film Training Day or Line Of Duty or something really cool like that.

“Ah deadly buzz,” one member of the public gasped at the news, admitting to be looking forward to how the story plays out in the media, “I bet there’s a whole complicated story in this that will bring down the entire force. Yeah, that would be fucking cool. Imagine they were all in on it”.

“Hopefully there’s a really good 10 part Netflix documentary in this,” posed another taxpayer, who was getting fairly bored with the previous run-of-the-mill crimes in the force.

In this morning raids, a number of premises were searched and a garda superintendent was arrested for disclosure of information obtained in the course of carrying out duties, while another garda was arrested for suspected conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

“It’s just great that Ireland has caught up to the 21st century and is finally investigating corruption in its police force,” Minister for Justice Charlie Flanagan proudly concluded.