Would You Look At This Prick


AS PART of WWN’s daily depressing update on the rights of minorities and marginalised communities around the world we are reluctantly making you aware of this wretched knuckle dragging prick, Sultan of Brunei Hassanal Bolkiah.

From next week adultery and gay sex will be illegal and punishable by stoning to death because the Sultan is clearly a gargantuan prick, on a scale rarely scene unless you read up on all the places where it’s still illegal to be gay.

The Sultan is set to force a strict adherence to Sharia Law on the people of Brunei because as you might have guessed by now, he’ll be seeing you next Tuesday.

“I can’t wait to look this guy up in more detail and see what trade deals my country has with this prick, and how they’ll stay depressingly silent on all of this,” confirmed one person, whose only going to feel even worse the more research they do.

The Sultan, who famously stood accused of kidnapping and holding women against their will in the 90s is still ticking along nicely, with no indication he plans on being less of a certifiable prick in the near future but tourists can breathe.

“No, this lad is in the stoning gay people for being gay business for the long run I’m afraid,” confirmed one foreign diplomat for a western nation who will be keeping stum if it’s all the same to you.