These Are The Biggest Challenges Facing Solskjaer


MANCHESTER UNITED announced the appointment of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to the position of manager on a permanent basis this morning, a decision the vast majority of United fans have been pushing for since he took over from Jose Mourinho.

As he begins his reign proper there are many challenges big and small ahead, with a small section of the United faithful still needing convincing despite Ole curing all major diseases, plugging in a USB cable first time of asking and getting UK parliament to agree on Brexit.

WWN Sport analyses it all:

1) Bringing the glory days back

Is Solksjaer a trained quantum physicist or will he bring in outside help? Building a time machine to the treble winning 1998/99 season will be his first and possibly hardest task now he has got the Old Trafford gig fulltime.

2) Wrestling with the ethics of humanely euthanising Alexis Sanchez

It’s a tough one, but not the only test of his management as he will have to contend with telling the rest of the squad Antonio Valencia has gone to live on a farm, and, explaining yet again that it’s not Phil Jones’s fault his face looks like that so go easy on him.

4) Who to select as United’s official house plant and paper clip partner in the emerging Antartic marketplace

It’s not just football Ole will be judged on, his advice on helping the business juggernaut that is United chug along will be sought by Ed Woodward.

6) Figuring out where number 3 & 5 in this list has gone

Clearly some big challenges for Ole even outside of the day to day running of the club.

7) Spelling Solksjaer

Or is it Solksjear? It’s a tricky one but like United fans, we have a blind faith in his abilities to do it all.

8) Listening to Alex Ferguson masticate his chewing gum in board meetings

A chronic masticating habit, Sir Alex’s chewing could begin to wear on Ole as he tries to carve out his out managerial ideas.

9) Continue to improve players’ confidence

Solksjaer has rejuvenated this United team post-Mourinho malaise but confidence still needs boosting. It’s certainly a challenge but rumours the Norwegian plans to further bolster confidence by cradling each and every player in his arms after each training session for an hour, only whispering praise into their ears is welcome news.

However, Ole has been criticised for carrying around Marcus Rashford in a Baby Bjorn all week.

10) Finding deal on a holiday at short notice when he’s sacked after not overhauling Man City next year

While the circumstances around when it all goes tragically and horribly wrong and he is sacked, Solksjaer will be faced with the tough task of getting a good deal on Trivago or Skyscanner to get away from it all after he fails miserably to meet expectations and overtake the best resourced club in the world.