“If Only We Knew About Michael Jackson Before” Confirm Radio Stations


BRAVE radio stations continue to share with listeners their decision to cease playing Michael Jackson on the radio in the wake of revelations contained in the HBO documentary Leaving Neverland.

“This is brand new information,” confirmed a local radio DJ whose voice trembled with sympathy for Michael Jackson’s alleged victims who magically appeared out of nowhere in the last week.

“When completely new allegations come to light like they have done with Michael Jackson we felt morally to act 30 years too late,” explained your favourite radio stations.

The decision to cease airplay has been warmly welcomed by many members of the listening public.

“I agree, and I can’t wait for radio stations not to be play Led Zepplin because Jimmy Page ‘went out with’ a 13-year-old or Elvis, Chuck Berry and Jerry Lewis for similar reasons. No more movies featuring Kevin Spacey on TV, or Michael Fassbender since he allegedly assaulted an ex-partner, no more music from The Who because of that child porn business, no more Woody Allen movies on TV. And no more Mark Wahlberg films, you know, after he blinded an Asian man in a racially motivated attack,” shared one radio fan we had to interrupt because there were another 5,000 examples and we’d be here all day.

Quick to straighten out what was obviously a horrible misunderstanding, radio stations corrected the record.

“Oh God, we’re so sorry, this isn’t anything other than a knee-jerk reaction and one-off empty gesture. Please, please, whatever you do, don’t expect this to be the norm going forward. Sorry for the misunderstanding,” explained the International Society of Radio DJs.