Infant Hospitalised After Parent Chucks Block Of Calvita At It


A WATERFORD infant is said to be in a stable condition after being airlifted to Temple Street Children’s Hospital in what is said to be an instance of a viral prank going terribly wrong for the first time.

Little Cathal Carrol, 2, was admitted with head injuries stemming from his parent’s misunderstanding of the current ‘Cheese Baby’ internet craze, which sees people flicking slices of processed cheese at their babies faces and capturing the bemused looks on their faces.

Parents Darran and Clodaigh Carrol, in their haste to create their own cheese baby viral video, mistakenly hoofed a 200g block of Calvita extra mild at their baby, immediately recognising their mistake when he slumped over in his high chair with a ‘what the fuck?’ look on his face.

“The little boy will be fine, but he’s very lucky because although his parents are idiots, they’ve got a really weak throw,” said a spokesperson for the National Viral Video Safety Authority.

“We’ve seen this with every viral video challenge, from Ice Buckets to Baby Sharks; people in such a hurry to make themselves ‘online famous’ that they forgo any sort of safety procedure. A child’s life isn’t worth risking for a video that Lad Bible are just going to steal”.

Meanwhile, the Carrols have scored nearly a million hits after uploading the video of their child’s injury under the title ‘Cheese Baby FAIL!! LOL’, because why wouldn’t they.