Nation’s Teachers Begin Getting Pupils To Make Strike Signs In Art Class


TEACHERS up and down the country have insisted on a brand new arts and crafts curriculum for pupils which involves making thousands of wooden and cardboard ‘strike signs’ for no apparent reason whatsoever, WWN has learned.

Upon arriving at the nation’s schools this morning, parents of children were told that all normal classes have been postponed in favour of fun arts & crafts and will continue until later in the week when enough placards have been assembled to match the current number of teachers working in public education.

“I’m not sure what they’re at but the kids love making stuff in school,” one unworried parent told WWN, “it’s great to see them doing practical work for a change and this will surely give them all the skills they will need when they have jobs of their own”.

The sudden move to create the signs suspiciously coincides with recent news that the nationwide nurses strike has been called off following the intervention of the Labour Court, signaling a possible pathway to increase nurses pay and improve work conditions.

“Ah, we’re just getting the kids to make the signs up to show them how the real world works,” explained primary school teacher Ciara Hanway. “There’s no other reason why we’re doing this, it’s just a simple extra curricular activity every teacher in the country has decided to implement during school hours this week; there’s absolutely nothing to worry about… yet”.