Chicken Shit Stands Outside His Car During Automatic Wash


AN ABSOLUTE chicken shit was caught standing outside his own car while it was being washed by an automatic washing machine at a local garage, WWN can confirm.

The man, who eye witnesses believe was in his early to late forties, purchased the car wash at approximately 3pm from a garage member of staff before driving his car carefully into the automatic car wash, ignoring signs that he had to remain inside the vehicle.

“The sick bastard just opened his driver door and then made his way over the code panel and proceeded to type in his wash code,” one man who was getting petrol at the time recalled. “Everyone was wondering what the hell he was doing. It was actually embarrassing to watch”.

Staff at the petrol station stated that ‘normal motorists’ are supposed to stop at the code panel while still in the car, and then the green light prompts the driver forward, with the red light appearing when they need to stop.

It is understood the man simply just stared at his car while it was being washed, while other customers and staff stared at him, wondering what kind of individual he was at all.

“He was obviously too scared to stay in the car while it was being washed,” a member of staff explained, “we get chicken shits like that in here all the time”.