Netflix Undecided On Which Homicidal Raping Maniacs To Glorify Next


NETFLIX commissioners from around the world traveled to Los Gatos, California this week to discuss which homicidal raping maniac the media-services provider is to glorify and profit from next in what is said to be the best start to a year yet, WWN can confirm.

Hundreds of producers, directors, celebrities and investors gathered at the Netflix HQ in the hopes of finding the next big Ted Bundy, as they rummaged through some of the goriest crimes in recent human history.

“I think we should focus more on the child rapists,” one commissioner posed, now holding up a page with Moors murderers Ian Brady and Myra Hindley, “there are even tapes of the children screaming and begging for their lives, the audience will love that kind of sordid detail”.

“I’m not sure it’s ghoulish enough,” replied another commissioner, now pointing to his recommendation, Luis Garavito, a serial killer from Colombia known as ‘The Beast’ who admitted to murder, physical assault and torture of 300 people, 147 of whom were young boys, “it will hit well with the South American market too which is always profitable, but the question is: is he charming enough?”

“How about John Wayne Gacy,” offered one executive, “a gay serial killer who dressed as a clown? C’mon the sickos who watch this stuff will love him”.

Toiling over their decision like a bunch of kids eying up candy in a candy shop, the team of film and documentary producers went to lunch on the company’s near $1.6 billion dollar profit last year.