Hoax Story On WhatsApp About Hoax Stories On WhatsApp


REPORTS that the messaging app WhatsApp has become a breeding ground for the spread of fabricated gossip, scaremongering and misinformation has been revealed as an elaborate hoax.

Despite rumours that people are happy to share ‘complete and utter bollocks’ when they receive information via WhatsApp, it has now become clear that the claim of people forwarding on any old claim without first engaging their brain is a highly irresponsible hoax being spread on WhatsApp.

“Yeah all of Ireland’s Taoiseachs dead or alive are off riding young ones on Tinder, vaccines cause autism, Aer Lingus are always giving away free flights, WhatsApp Gold is a thing. Just remember to forward these things on as many people as possible,” confirmed one WhatsApp spokesperson.

Speaking of the cruel and pointless hoax about there being hoaxes spread on WhatsApp, a leading tech expert expressed his frustration.

“Share everything, do not even engage your brain. We know we can rely on less tech savvy people over a certain age, but what’s really encouraging is that more and more young people enjoy being part of the spread of definitely not false information,” confirmed Garda Sean Lee from the Garda IT department.

Garda Sean Lee went on to beg everyone to click on all attachments sent via WhatsApp and if any family members or friends are not already on WhatsApp to encourage them to download it so they too can be in receipt of essential information.

“Oh my God, I’ll just send this on in case it’s real,” explained one WhatsApp user upon hearing the news that all hoaxes may be a double bluff hoax and also that Garda Sean Lee was telling everyone to lock their doors because there was a gang of ISIS paedophiles on the loose in Tralee or wherever you yourself are living in now.