Azealia Banks Dead To Ireland Aged 27


AMERICAN rapper Azealia Banks was pronounced dead to Ireland today after a short battle with resentment and anger, WWN can confirm.

The 27-year-old was found dead to Ireland after her uncontrolled rage consumed her in a hate filled rant against the small independent island and its citizens, who in turn gave as good as they got.

Ms. Banks, who was physically and psychologically abused as a child by a mother who loved to call her ugly, ironically died after mirroring her parent and calling Irish woman fat and ugly.

“Azealia’s own deep down resentment for herself was triggered by a series of unfortunate events which eventually left her dead to Ireland,” a pathologist for the thin-skinned state explained. “We believe a defence mechanism kicked in and triggered some form of self loathing which in turn was aimed by the rapper at the unprepared nation.

“Unfortunately, Ms Banks was unaware how good the Irish were at also being verbally abusive with the end result leaving her completely dead to her tens of fans here, and of course, the entire population,” he added.

Banks, best known for that one track she had with music someone else wrote, is to be removed from the Irish psyche later this week, before then being buried in a mass of social media feeds containing vicious sentiments about her race and her looks.

The “artist” leaves behind two mixtapes, one underperforming album and a questionable Instagram account.