Snitching? Use Our Offer Code To Get 10% Off On Stitches


DO you have concerns about drug-dealing, organised crime or prostitution in your area? Do you wish to inform on anti-social wrongdoings, but are put off by the prohibitive cost of the subsequent health care you will need?

Well, today’s your lucky day! WWN has teamed up with doctor-on-call services around the country to bring you an exclusive offer that will help offset the cost of sutures, splints and stitches, allowing you to tout until your little heart’s content; safe in the knowledge that you’re not only making your neighbourhood crime free, but also contributing to keep this fine news publication up and running.

Simply use our special offer code ‘WHISPERS’ at checkout, and you’ll receive up to 20% off your medical bills when you present at an emergency clinic of your choosing, suffering from anything from a gunshot wound, to a slash to the face or indeed third degree burns from when they lit your house on fire.

If you’re going to snitch, you’ll need a stitch, so use the offer code ‘WHISPERS’ to claim your discount. And for a limited time only, you can share your code with your friends and family who are sure to appreciate the help in handling their medical costs after your snitching invariably draws them into a web of vengeance that they didn’t want to be involved in.

Don’t forget, that’s ‘WHISPERS’ at checkout, for your discount. Let’s make sure your smile isn’t any wider than it absolutely has to be. Snitch today, save tomorrow!