Pregnant & Homeless Mary Kicked Out Of Hotel During The Day


WWN is sad to report the news today that a pregnant woman only known as ‘Mary’ has found herself homeless, and goes through the daily routine of being kicked out of the hotel she resides in as she waits for permanent accommodation.

Understandably, Mary is kicked off the property of the central Dublin hotel she resides in at 9am every day as part of a measure which ensures well-to-do American tourists don’t have their holiday ruined by the sight of Ireland’s homeless, and only allowed return in the evening.

The wife of a carpenter, Joseph, who moved from Bethlehem to work in Ireland’s booming construction trade, spends his days fitting out offices and luxury apartments in Dublin’s Grand Canal Docks but despite earning a decent wage has struggled to find a place to rent or buy.

Upon learning of the young pregnant woman’s plight, made even more tragic by how close it is to Christmas, many Irish people have expressed support for the woman while bemoaning the Irish government’s continued failure to address housing issues.

“She probably got herself pregnant just to get welfare, does she even speak English? Taking us for fools she is,” confirmed one supportive member of the public.

“Is she even pregnant, this has the whiff of a scam? Suppose when that child’s born, the taxpayer will have to pay for everything. It says the husband is working? Yeah, I’m not buying the story, can’t find somewhere cheap to rent or buy in Dublin on a single income? Don’t care how close her ‘due date’ is, she should be out working too then, the lazy bitch,” confirmed another supporter of the homeless.