Local Good For Nothing Immigrant Saving Lives As Surgeon In Hospital


LOCAL SOCIAL MEDIA is a buzz with yet another example of a local good for nothing immigrant poisoning the sacred soil of Mother Éire with their continued, draining presence.

First sparking outrage among the public after a local radio programme showcased yet again the reprehensible PC-gone-mad culture Ireland is being swamped in, as layabout 44-year-old Pakistani national Dalir Eshan continues to shake Ireland down and taking it to the cleaners.

“Can you believe we’re paying for this?” confirmed irate radio host Michael Toland, informing his informed listeners of the cardiothoracic surgeon who spends his days saving the lives of people in Ireland.

“Who knows how long he’s been getting away it and they’re all laughing at us,” added Toland, not going into any further detail about what was been gotten away it and who ‘us’ was and who exactly was laughing at them and for what.

“PC gone mad,” added Toland, who makes a tidy living from pretending to care about things.

Eshan is believed to be one of countless immigrants currently in Ireland shamelessly filling skills shortages, and unbelievable as it sounds, excepting payments for his specialist skill.

“I can’t get any work,” explained one caller into Toland’s Hot Air Hour show, “it’s them like your man with the funny name I can’t pronounce that gets all the jobs I’d be happy to do,” added the man who is not a qualified cardiothoracic surgeon.

The phone-in show took a turn for the despicable when one caller rang in to claim ‘immigrants are human beings’, forcing Toland to make an on-air apology to listeners affected by the unsavoury language used.