Women Call For Bigger Makeup Mirror On Car Windscreen


FEMALE humans worldwide have called on car manufacturers to increase the size of the ‘makeup mirror’ located at the centre of the windscreen, claiming that the design does not reflect the whole face and is practically useless for women.

“Obviously, whatever eejit designed this was a man and had zero experience in applying makeup,” voiced motorist Donna Carey, who began an online petition to correct the mirror dimensions.

“Even though I have the mirror facing directly at me all the time, I can only see my eyes and have to either adjust the mirror and sometimes my own head in order to get my lipstick on. This of course is highly dangerous as it distracts from my driving and something needs to be done about that”.

Pointing to a male dominated manufacturing industry as the problem, women drivers behind the campaign urged male designers to take their products more seriously when developing them, and to put more thought and consideration when producing female orientated items.

“It’s not rocket science,” implied another campaigner, “and fair enough, they did manage to include a handy button which lowers the mirror slightly when needed, but why not just make the height bigger? It doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.

“Men are complete idiots sometimes, God love them”.