McGregor Definitely Learns Lesson This Time


LEGAL, MORAL and sporting experts have gathered together, unified in the opinion that UFC fighter Conor McGregor has definitely learned his lesson this time after his latest brush with the law.

Staking their reputations on the matter, the experts said it was ludicrous to suggest McGregor’s name would appear in the papers in the future in connection with some unsavoury incident which further tarnishes his tarnished reputation.

“A 6-month driving ban and a €1,000 fine. Ooh, that’s lesson learned,” confirmed one expert WWN spoke with, “this is different from when he was calling people faggots or nazis or terrorists and certainly is the wake up call his New York arrest from criminal damage was supposed to be”.

Found driving 154kph in a 100kph zone, McGregor appeared remorseful in court which was wholly in line with his well known public persona. McGregor was then pictured outside the court on his knees, begging for forgiveness.

“When a judge says you were lucky not to be charged with dangerous driving, that’s the lesson learned. I think anyone familiar with some of McGregor’s alleged ‘antics’ outside of the octagon can kiss goodbye those old ways, he’ll sure be a changed man,” confirmed someone we presumed was an expert until they said what they said.

Elsewhere, young people who look up to the two-weight UFC champion and are in awe of his meteoric rise have confirmed that despite the driving ban they hope to have as many legal issues as McGregor when they grow up.