“Beckham Kissing Daughter Made Me Feel Funny Inside”


SPEAKING out on his latest unwanted comments, British journalist and television presenter Piers Morgan has admitted that David Beckham’s Instagram snap of himself innocently kissing his own daughter made him “feel funny inside”, forcing Morgan to insinuate things set deep within his own warped subconscious.

Morgan, who oversaw phone hacking of celebrities and people of interest, and ran fabricated stories about British soldiers in Iraq while editor of the Daily Mirror, called the former Manchester United footballer ‘creepy’ on Good Morning Britain after his photo with 7-year-old Harper sparked outrage among like-minded individuals online.

“It made me feel strange in my pants and that means David Beckham is a creep,” Morgan stated today, still unsure why the adorable family photo made him react in this way, “I’m confused because it’s a weird, good strange and I think David Beckham shouldn’t kiss his children so I don’t feel the good bad strange”.

This latest attack is one of just dozens of jibes from the 53-year-old who seemingly has ‘a thing’ for the Beckham family with him previously criticizing pre-teen Cruz Beckham’s music single in 2016.

“Piers may have overheard the Beckhams talking about him while hacking their phones maybe,” one physiological expert pointed out, “he seems to really have an issue with them over something.

“Maybe their longevity as a family unit bothers Piers in some way, like he’s jealous of the love they have for each other and their functional family lifestyle and forcing Piers to stoop so low as to ridicule the Beckham’s young children to millions of impressionable viewers,” he added.

“In psychology, we label this type of personality as being ‘an absolute cunt'”.