Luas Drivers Everybody’s Favourite Punching Bag Again


AS THE threat of renewed strikes appear on the horizon, Luas drivers are once again taking their rightful place as the Nation’s favourite punching bag.

Used to vent off frustrations, rant with the aid of expletives or just brought up in casual conversations to avoid prolonged bouts of awkward silences, Luas drivers are set to be the number one topic of negative conversation with the public feeling free and easy with the deriding of their jobs and new demands.

“D’ya hear they want to install a Michelson star chef on every Luas to cook them lunch, they’re daft money grabbing saps, the lot of them,” confirmed one member of the public, who admitted feeling much better now he has someone to absolutely tear into.

“Remember the chaos they caused a couple of years ago striking, the eejits,” added the man, who had no strong or distinct memories of the 2016 strikes if he was being honest.

Replacing the travelling community in the deep seethed lack of affection in the Nation’s hearts, Luas drivers are currently locked in a dispute with their employers Transdev over a lack of adequate facilities in which to have their lunches in.

And despite the fact Transdev is a massive multinational company with profits of 6.6 billion euro, the inscrutable Irish public has rightfully sided against the Luas drivers in this disagreement which is now before the Labour Court, costing the taxpayers money in the process.

“Oh look at me, I’m a big eejit Luas driver with my lunch box and the one button I press to drive a pretend train. Feck off,” confirmed one member of the public, who agreed with Transdev that paying for lunch facilities of out their 6.6 billion profits would be a ridiculous burden that could potentially bankrupt them into oblivion.