BREAKING: John Delaney Still FAI President


NEWS has broken in the last few moments confirming that FAI president John Delaney is still president of the FAI, despite being John Delaney, WWN can confirm.

Mr. Delaney, who makes €360,000 annually on top of an additional €300 allowance per day for some unknown reason, is expected to continue both his current roles as John Delaney and FAI president for the foreseeable future, until a time he’s not FAI president anymore.

“John Delaney is still the FAI president,” a spokesperson for the FAI confirmed, who was definitely not John Delaney.

“John Delaney has been FAI president since 2005. John Delaney is really good at his job and has been good at his job for 13 years and John Delaney will probably be still good at his job for another 13 years, so best leave John Delaney to it as he now has to find another Irish team manager to blame FAI stuff on.

“Also, any bad stories you hear about John Delaney siphoning money or anything like that are untrue. Thanks”.

While leaving FAI headquarters this evening, the 51-year-old had no comment when asked if he would be stepping down from his role as FAI president, instead pointing behind this reporter and shouting ‘Jack Charlton’, before then running off down the street.

UPDATE: John Delaney is still FAI president.