Martin Callinan Jailed After Thousands Share Facebook Meme


THE Minister for Justice has said today that he has no other option but to jail Martin Callinan for life after a Facebook meme urging to do so has gotten tens of thousands of shares.

The meme, which contains an image of the former garda commissioner with the words ‘lock this bastard up’, began doing the rounds on social media following a detailed documentary of whistleblower Maurice McCabe which revealed the tactics used by senior members of the gardaí in silencing him.

“We’ve been keeping an eye on the post’s insights and at 10:45pm last night the government got word from Facebook that the meme has reached critical sharing point,” said Minister for Justice and Equality Charles Flanagan.

This is the first time in the nation’s history that a person is to be sentenced to life in prison due to the sharing of a Facebook meme.

It is also understood that Mr. Callinan’s pension will also be revoked due to a similar meme in circulation.

“It’s pretty clear the nation isn’t happy with the former commissioner as not only is he to be jailed, but all of his €85,000 pension and gratuity of €255,000 will be taken off of him,” added Mr. Flanagan, “and given to the family of Maurice McCabe”.

Following the announcement this morning Martin Callinan was arrested at his home and brought to Portlaoise maximum security prison where he will spend the rest of his days in solitary confinement, for his own personal safety.

“Not only do the criminals want to get at him, but the prison staff also want a piece of him too,” a prison source confirmed, “so keeping him in solitude for the rest of the bastard’s miserable life is the only option we have available”.