Local Man Just Going To Travel Everywhere On Google Earth From Now On


“JESUS, it’s really high isn’t it” marvelled Waterford man Derek Lenwith, standing on a stool while looking down at his iPad on the ground, where he has zoomed in on a satellite image of the Hoover Dam on Google Earth.

“Right, that’s that ticked off the list. Where to next?”.

Having made the decision to save himself time and money by travelling the globe using the popular map app, Lenwith has visited almost every destination on his ‘bucket list’, without leaving his Dungarvan flat.

“I never really liked travelling, there’s so much expense, hassle and danger involved,” said Lenwith, turning up his three bar heater to get the full effect of his Google Earth tour of Madrid.

“This is just easier, and there’s no travel worries, like the stress of worrying if you’re going to like the food, or if the milk is going to taste funny or whatever. I visited Mumbai here the other day, while eating a chicken fillet roll out of Spar – sorted!”.

Much to the chagrin of his fiance Eimear, Lenwith confirmed with WWN that he has no intention of heading off on a big honeymoon, and that the soon-to-be-wed pair will simply stay in the flat and ‘drop the wee man on the map’.

“Eimear wanted to go to Australia – that’s a 30 hour flight – and you’ll probably get poisoned by a spider the minute you step off the plane,” said Derek, dismissively.

“Nah, we’ll stay here, save 8 grand, drag the yellow man onto the map and have a wander around Melbourne, the Gold Coast, Ramsey Street, and Ayers Rock without so much as breaking a sweat. Sure, it’s all the same!”.