“We Should See Other People” & 3 Other Signs He’s Ready To Commit


THERE IS A point in every relationship when a single, seemingly insignificant moment can prove itself to be the very instance in which your boyfriend/guy you’re sort of seeing/your fuck buddy/sex friend/intercourse penpal/boning acquaintance showed beyond all reasonable doubt he is ready to commit and ‘put a label on it’.

WWN, using the latest romantic science, the very same science used by NASA to determine those subtle hints that amount to someone formally stating that want to commit to you and only you.

1) “We should see other people”

Oh, he’s keen.

2) “You weren’t supposed to find out like this”

He says as you walk in on him naked and on top of that woman from work he told you not to worry about. It might seem to you like nothing, but trust us, he’d bend down on one and propose right that second if he wasn’t otherwise engaged.

3) “Babe, just think of it like a threesome you weren’t invited to because the invitation got lost in the post because I never sent it because to be honest I live with Roisin now, she’s pregnant too”

He’s coming on a bit too strong if you ask us, but if you were looking for a sign he wants to commit to you, there is no clearer sign than getting your best friend pregnant and moving in with her.

4) “You should get yourself checked, sorry”

You might think guys don’t send texts basically asking you to spend the rest of their life with you, but it can happen, and if he’s sending you a message after sleeping with 10 maybe 15 other people tops, it may be time to go dress shopping!