Fully Grown Adult Excited About Arrival Of Branded Truck


A WATERFORD man was today beside himself over the news that Coca Cola will be bringing their American style truck to Waterford city in the hopes of rekindling nostalgic memories while also enticing some cold hard sales of the popular soft drink.

Immediately clicking ‘attending’ in the Coca Cola event Facebook page, Niall Kennedy rallied his two sons and daughter into the kitchen to give them the good news, despite them not really knowing what the branded truck was about.

“Oh my God, I can’t wait,” the fully grown 43-year-old man told his wife and kids, his emotion high with the memories of his youth. “It’s going to be just like the old advert; holidays are coming, holidays are coming, holidays are coming”.

Now frantically searching YouTube to show his children the advert in the hopes that they too may find that warm place in their hearts, Kennedy struggled to keep their concentration as he continued to sing along with the now grainy television advertisement.

“It’s not Christmas until this advert comes on the telly,” he then insisted, quickly losing his family’s attention and willingness to stand out in the cold looking just to look at a branded truck, “look at it for christ’s sakes, it’s Christmas personified! It’s the Coca Cola truck, guys, come on!”

Devastated at the lack of fucks given, Kennedy vowed to attend the event without his “stupid family”.

“Well, I’m going anyway. I’m sure there will be a lot of people there like me who will appreciate the big red Coca Cola truck with lights on it, ye fucking pricks,” he finished before storming off to the sitting room in disgust.