5 Romantic Things You Can Do Without Having To Look Up From Your Phone


THE ADVENT of the smart phone has seen couples finding it harder to keep their partners happy without it requiring actual eye contact and words but that sadly means you’d have to look up from that hilarious compilation of people falling over.

Keep the spark alive without having to turn your head away from that luminous screen of distraction, with these five romantic gestures that will surely warm their hearts:

1) Take a photo of yourself

Without communicating with your other half, who is literally a foot away from you, simply take a selfie and send it to them. If you’re being seriously romantic add a heart emoji. Who couldn’t fail to be moved by this thoughtful gesture – you know they don’t want to look away from their phone either but now they look upon a picture of you on that very phone. Win win.

2) Grunt or say ‘sorry, did you say something?’ or ‘sorry, I wasn’t listening’

Communication is underrated in relationships and is indeed the vocal manifestation of your earth shattering love and affection.

3) Like and comment on the photo they just took instead asking you how your day was

Let them know you’re thinking of them and you value them as a person by indirectly interacting with them via a social media app.

It’s very easy for others to sit in judgement of you, but turning your head to the left a bit to talk to your partner could scupper your chances of advancing to the next level in Candy Crush. Don’t take the risk. Stay romantic.

4) Send a meme that specifically speaks to your relationship on a unique level.

“This is so us” – the message will say, next to a picture of a cold and distant looking couple who don’t seem to communicate much.

5) Send a text

“Where are you?” should suffice. It’s been 3 months since you last looked up from your phone, they could be anywhere for all you know. Are they still next to you or are they on holiday in Paris? There’s only one way to know. Send a text. Expressing this sort of concern is hugely romantic.

No need to look away from that video you’re watching when you can just text. You can sort of make someone out in your peripheral field of vision who seems to be lying unconscious on the floor. Is it the love of your life? Who knows, best wait for them to text back. In the meantime that ‘Which Marvel Superhero Are You?’ quiz won’t do itself, plus, you can share your results with them in a WhatsApp message once you’re done.