Wexford Still Dining Out On Fact ‘Saving Private Ryan’ Was Filmed In County


THE NATION has reported that the people of Wexford are still dining out on the fact the epic beach landings scene in Hollywood blockbuster ‘Saving Private Ryan’ was filmed in their county.

Data seen by WWN suggests that Wexford natives never fail to mention the fact the World War II movie was shot on Curracloe beach if Tom Hanks, World War II, Steven Spielberg or even the weather comes up in casual conversation and are quick to point out how anywhere between 1 and 450,000 local movie extras were required for the scene.

“My dad’s a veteran, so it means a lot to him,” Rosslare native Tommy Dillon shared with WWN, speaking passionately of how his father sacrificed everything in June 1997 by giving up his weekends off and agreeing to be an extra in the movie.

“He still has class flashbacks to seeing Tom Hanks on the beach,” added Dillon, clearly proud of his father’s brave contribution, “not as tall as you’d think apparently,” concluded Dillon.

The worrying trend of Wexfordians shoehorning the fact that an admittedly awesome scene of ‘Saving Private Ryan’ was filmed in the county also extends to when the county’s people are abroad on holiday talking with strangers, further research suggests.

When finding themselves being asked ‘so where are you from?’ while on holidays abroad, local Wexford natives reply ‘have you seen that Saving Private Ryan?’ instead of just saying ‘Ireland, I’m from Ireland’.

“They don’t just stop there I’m afraid,” explains Professor of Boastology at MIT, Graham Carty, “they usually spend the next 20 minutes telling puzzled foreigners about how sandy Curracloe is, how long it is, and how Hollywood producer types still have erotic dreams about how ‘beachy’ the beach is”.

Professor Carty sadly went on record to confirm the people of Wexford likely have enough mileage left in this story for years to come.