5 Distractions That Stop You From Noticing How Embarrassing Irish Politics Is These Days


WITH so much going on in the world each and every day it’s hard to find the time to truly comes to terms with just how embarrassing Irish politics is, and how politicians do the Irish public and the Irish State a disservice.

WWN Polz has listed jut five of the many distractions on offer:

1) Donald Trump has said something

Well, fair enough. It’s hard for the average news hungry Irish person to fully reckon with the fact we have a minority government in power, which only received 25.5% of the popular vote and that the country’s Communications Minister had to resign after failing to disclose several dinners he had with the chief bidder for the National Broadband Plan.

Trump will have distracted many from the fact that with Denis Naughten resigning, the government yet again relies on the support of convicted criminal Michael Lowry to secure the necessary votes in the Dáil. Imagine that, Irish democracy hanging on the whim of a convicted criminal? Embarrassing.

2) Someone in England is after getting pregnant

Meghan Markle is pregnant which makes it very hard to find the time to read boring news like the fact the leader of Ireland’s largest opposition party, Micheál Martin, wrote a letter to the Taoiseach begging him not to call a general election.

No need to read that sentence back a second time – at a time of record homeless figures, a housing crisis, record hospital waiting lists and several hundred major and minor persistent scandals, the leader of the opposition party tasked with holding the government to account is pleading with the government to stay in power unchallenged.

And obviously this same party votes with the government whenever the government make the request.

3) The Irish Presidential Race

Probably the best distraction of them all. It’s just too easy to become distracted by shiny debates even if they mostly involve people who shouldn’t be allowed within 50 miles of an electoral ballot.

With such glitzy affairs taking place on national broadcaster stations it’s hard to contend with the fact that several days after a government budget provided tax relief for landlords, activists staged a protest in Dublin’s Airbnb offices demanding serious action on the housing crisis or query why this is likely the first you’re hearing of it.

4) English football hooligans are at it again

Degenerate scumbags. Causing trouble in Seville in Spain. Typical. Having said all that, such frivolous news items are key in distracting you, a member of the Irish public from the fact the Taoiseach is insisting the leaders of Sinn Féin and Fianna Fáil apologise to former Tanáiste Frances Fitzgerald and former Garda Commissioner Nóirin O’Sullivan.

One more time: the state of Irish politics right now is such that the Taoiseach is demanding an apology for the Department of Justice having been found to have lied about email communications between the Tanáiste and a PR firm which was also simultaneously advising An Garda Síochána on the matter of Garda Whistleblowers. He also demanded apology for a former Garda Commissioner who was purposefully evasive in giving evidence to a State tribunal, and who still can’t account for 7 missing mobile devices that were in her possession.

5) The average human’s attention span

The average human’s attention span can prove to be an awful distraction. Just when someone feels they can knuckle down to read up on the most pressing issues facing Irish people today, a person can often be distracted by something shiny or Making A Murderer Season 2 which is out in a few days thank God. We’ve been waiting for ages and now it’s all over our news feeds thanks to top online Irish news sites. I mean, could you imagine, poor Brendan Dassey in a sort of judicial limbo in a terrible legal system, we can’t wait to watch his fight for justice.

It’d remind you of those things, shite, what are they called, we have them in Ireland, people are locked up with no hope of release? For the immigrants like, ah it’ll come to be us in a minute. Safe to say not a single prominent politician wants to tackle the issue, but anyway can’t wait for the new Making A Murderer – out Friday I think. Class. Like it’s made what the police did, isn’t it? Mental stuff. Anyway, eh, sorry, can you remember what we were talking about?