Men, Here’s How To Talk To Women About Their Period


MANY MEN find the prospect of discussing periods with women very intimidating, alienating and awkward, even if it is with someone close to them.

WWN has put together a handy guide which should bridge the knowledge gap and help to avoid any faux pas while also getting a real and honest discussion flowing as freely as menstrual blood.

Hey, nice period. Want to talk about it?

Don’t be sheepish, like some sort of bumbling stereotype of a man. Just get straight to it.

Admit you’re stupid and know nothing, proceed to cry from the shame

This conversation should take place in an environment of honesty.

Leave the carcass of a freshly killed wolf at their door.

Women are happy to talk openly about these things, provided you bring them an offering which will appease them and the moon gods.

Smear yourself in your own blood to try to bring yourself closer to the experience of being a woman in the middle of her period

“Look I get it” you can say as you take the blood flowing from the open wound on your head, smearing it on your arms, legs, abdomen and anywhere else that’s visible.

I know you get irrational, cranky and crave chocolate, but what other ways does your period affect you aside from being a complete bitch

Tender understanding and soft, deft language will help open a woman up to sharing her thoughts regarding her period. And remember, women experience these things in a variety of different ways, so some can be crankier than others.

Any questions for me?

This open dialogue doesn’t have to be one way, now is your opportunity as a man to discuss how sometimes when you wipe your arse after a poo, clumps can gather on around the hair on your arsehole. Honest, frank and open, steps ever closer to a better mutual understanding of the complexities of all our lives.