Naas To Be Relocated West Of Ireland To Curb Dublin Traffic


AN BORD Pleanala has greenlit a €30bn proposal to relocate the entire town of Naas to the West of Ireland in a bid to curb the flow of traffic coming into Dublin city.

Naas, which is currently situated on the outskirts of Dublin and found to be the main congestion source for the N7, will begin its move in January 2019, where some 21,000 residents are to be relocated to a rural site in county Mayo, that’s out of the way.

“I suppose it will be worth it if it stops all that nightmare traffic every morning and evening,” said Naas man Derek Roche. “It will actually take me the same time to commute to Dublin from Mayo with the changes, so I don’t really mind moving at all.

“It’s a great idea and Mayo’s a beautiful place too, I don’t think anyone in Naas will complain”.

For years, the satellite town has been cursed by commuters travelling to work in Dublin from major cities like Cork, Limerick, Waterford and Kilkenny, with the town becoming more of a hindrance as the country’s population soared.

“It’s just in the way and has to go,” one Limerick commuter explained, whose car has 2 million miles on the clock, “getting out of Dublin is hard enough, but when you hit that bottle neck at Naas you might as well park the car up and sleep there till the morning – it’s a form of torture”.

It is understood the current site for Naas will be levelled and turned into a car park for Dublin, while ongoing road maintenance works will widen the N7 by six more lanes to cater for the only city in Ireland where there’s decent paying jobs.