Local Woman Cancels Social Life In Bid To Concentrate On Love Island


A LOCAL Waterford woman has taken very necessary action against her social life as it appeared it could begin affecting her desire to watch every minute of the popular reality TV show, Love Island.

Invitations to the cinema, boozy brunches, work drinks out, family bonding and a variety of Tinder date requests, have all been declined in recent days as Rebecca Tallant aims to ensure nothing interferes with her 6-evenings-a-week plus the after show Love Island habit.

“Will I miss my friends, family and all other human interaction? Sure, but maintaining a social life as long as Adam is up in that fucking house finessing bitches like he’s God, I’ll be sticking around to watch him burn,” the 23-year-old explained.

One commitment Tallant will continue to honour is that of her full-time job in the bank.

“Honestly, I would have sacked it off, but wages from that pays for my internet connection and phone which I use to follow Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook while the show is live, and then there’s the Love Island memes,” Tallant explained.

Tallant’s boss, however has been critical of her work ethic since the show returned to TV, which has seen her taking extra long lunch breaks to focus on The Daily Mail articles discussing and analysing each and every breath contestants take.

“Look, if Love Island-based conversations with customers exceeds 5 hours per day, I may have to consider joining in because that Eyal chap is some sap altogether,” explained bank manager Ian Gavin, who is seriously looking into how much trouble he would be in if he closed the branch for the next month.