Mechanic Not Promising Anything


“YEAH, leave it with me and I’ll take a look, but I wouldn’t worry about it too much,” said local mechanic Michael Kinglan, before going on to add that contrary to what he had just said to us, it was indeed cause for worry.

“The thing with older cars like this is that they’re better built, not like a brand new car. Brand new car stops running, Christ knows what’s wrong with it. All computers and the like. An older car like this, you’re usually grand. But yeah, this car is fucked so it is”.

Confused at the mixed message we seemed to be getting, we pressed for more information.

“Well, leave it with me overnight,” said Kinglan, smoking in his place of work, but it’s his office so we left him to it, “it should be fairly simple, but it might take a few days. Cost wise, it’s only a small thing so they’re not that dear, but at the same time it won’t be worth your while fixing it.

“If you just want to be able to drive it, then yeah, I’d get the work done. But for driving, no, you’re better off cutting your losses and looking for a new car”.

Desperate for clarification, we urged Michael to give it to us straight.

“I promise I’ll have it back to you soon,” he said, now drinking a pint of oil.

“But I’m not promising anything”.