Guide To Handing Out Lenient Sentences To Serial Child Rapists


ARE you a judge with the potential responsibility for deciding the prison sentence of a serial rapist, but are unsure if 3 hours and 13 minutes in jail is too severe a punishment? If you are, well then this guide to lenient sentencing from us here at WWN Legal is just what you’ve been looking for.

The case of serial rapist Keith Burke of Addergoolemore, Dunmore, Co Galway and his sentencing to 7 and a half years in prison for horrific crimes has yet again brought to the fore the issue of woefully lenient and offensively short sentences in Ireland when it comes to sex crimes.

Now, you may at this point be wondering if being too lenient in sentencing can cause emotional distress to victims, but you don’t have to wonder as every academic, charity, legal professional and victim advocate who specialises in this field will tell you that yes, of course it does.

So the logical conclusion would be to…? That’s right, just keep all future sentences for serial rapists nice and short. Hey, if you aren’t a judge already, you should really consider becoming one, you’ve got a talent for this.

The key things to consider when deciding on the inappropriately lenient sentence are quite simple:

  • First off, look up the definition of logic in the dictionary and then remove that entry from the dictionary and put it in the bin, you won’t be needing that.
  • Did the serial rapist refuse to plead guilty, forcing his victims to take to the stand? If they answer is yes, don’t take that into account, just shave some time off his sentence.
  • Did he then admit his guilt before sentencing by saying something incredible like ‘sorry’? Under a never written down ancient loophole in Irish law, you the judge are left with no alternative but to half his sentence. Seems fair, he did say sorry in fairness.
  • Throw in the HSE’s usual habit of completely letting down vulnerable children who fall under their remit and you might even want to consider a suspended sentence for a serial rapist.

If you are a non-genius, tiny brain owning non-legal mind, you may have found the perfectly understandable sentences given out to sex attackers very confusing, but fear not, you can actually contact Ireland’s judges HERE and ask them for further explanation. And, if they are too busy defying logic with a 3 month suspended sentence for serial killer to respond to you, you can ask the Minister for Children HERE or the Minister for Justice HERE.