Exhausted Rock Stars In His 11th Movie This Week


THE overworked charismatic lynchpin of the Jumanji and Fast and the Furious franchises, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, is reportedly suffering from exhaustion after wrapping up filming on his 11th movie of this week.

The Rampage and Central Intelligence star was found by his personal assistant sleeping in his trailer for the time in months after finishing his latest 11 movies, all set for release over the coming days.

Shooting finished today on ‘High School’, a body swap comedy in which The Rock switches bodies with his stoner son after taking a hit of his bong, and was filmed simultaneously along side Bicep, which sees the Rock play the first bisexual winner of Mr. Universe.

The Rock will be granted as many as 43 more minutes of rest before he starts his next project ‘Hawk King’, a sensitive reimagining of the life of Stephen Hawking, with The Rock playing the role of Hawking who discovers he is the rightful heir to a planet populated entirely by talking 30-foot tall hawks.

During his down time down-to-earth Mr. Rock will unwind with appearing on all 43 US late night talk shows for the next 3 weeks, finding time to film a small part in ‘Hamletting My Hair Hair Down’, a musical version of Shakespeare’s Hamlet in which he plays all the parts.

Speaking on his upcoming projects the affable Rock said “it’s exciting to work on all these projects and I’m just so thankful to be able to film the sequel to Rampage during my toilet breaks on the set of my other new movie The Supplement Salesman, in which I play a humble protein shake salesman who gets embroiled in a fight with the Russian, Mexican, Italian and Japanese mobs while armed with nothing but a tub of whey protein”.