Friends Both Hope That The Other One Cancels Plans


SEVERAL weeks ago local friends Alan Lyons and Dave O’Dowd made half-hearted plans to meet up for a drink, all in the name of polite civility, citing the fact ‘they had not seen each other in ages’.

However, now that today marks the day to follow through on those plans, neither Alan nor Dave have any desire to do so, with both men now hoping the other one will cancel.

Dave, staring at his phone currently seems the most willing to offer up an excuse and bail, but having done so twice in recent times realises social norms dictate he can’t be the one to cancel yet again.

The burden now falls to Alan, a noted wimp, who couldn’t muster up the courage to cancel even if his life depended on it.

Edging ever closer to despair, Alan hovers over his WhatsApp conversation with Dave, knowing he would prefer to just grab drinks with the gang from work and that the window for canceling plans at the last minute and not seeming like a prick is fast closing in on him.

If Dave’s reluctance to be the one to cancel remains, the social doomsday scenario for both men is inevitable.

UPDATE: “Hey, good to see you man, how are things?” both men say to each other shortly after arriving at the agreed location for long overdue pints, clearly disappointed to be partaking in this social endeavour.