​”I Didn’t Enjoy That At All” Gas Bastard With Empty Plate Tells Waiter


AN ABSOLUTE legend of a gas bastard has been making the national headlines the last two days after cracking one of the best jokes the country has ever heard, WWN can confirm.

Conor Walsh left staff at Hartley’s restaurant in Dublin in hysterics last Saturday evening when asked by a waiter if he was finished his meal.

“Aw, Jesus I’m still cracking up here with the thoughts of it,” veteran waiter of 25 years, Maurice Lloyd recalls, “he just came out with it on the spot and literally the entire restaurant fell to the floor in convulsions”.

Caught on CCTV, Mr. Walsh can be seen mopping up the last of his Spaghetti Bolognese with a slice of sourdough bread, just as the waiter approached him.

“I said ‘do you want me to take that plate from you’,” Lloyd went on, “and then, out of nowhere, he said ‘I didn’t enjoy that at all’… well, I nearly died”.

At first, the irony of the statement was apparently lost on the waiter, but after locking onto the customer’s smiling eyes, he knew something was afoot.

“I could see the empty plate, suggesting he ate everything on it,” he further explained in stunning detail, “but his statement suggested otherwise, so it took me a few seconds to cop on that it was all one big, well thought out joke”.

“When I finally got it, I just doubled over with the laughing, this guy was fucking hilarious. What a joke to come up with on the spot like that, and he’s not even a professional comedian”.

Reflecting on his stunning sense of humour, management at Hartley’s decided to not charge the 43-year-old for the cost of the meal, before uploading the CCTV footage of the incident to their social media page, which currently has over 45 million views after being shared on every Irish craic publication in the country.

“It’s so Irish, pure class altogether,” everyone concluded, while struggling to hold in the laughter.