Could This Weird Looking Vegetable Be This Year’s Avocado?


THE AVOCADO is still undoubtedly the top dog when it comes to featuring in Instagram feeds of popular people who have effortlessly blended nice looking pictures of food with being attractive and pretending to be genuine.

However, could the single-seeded berry be replaced by this cool looking vegetable, the romanesco?

‘The fuck is a romanesco?’ That lad in the pic above is!

Now let’s see what it has going for it! If you include the romanesco into a meal in the next week or two and upload a pic of it you’ll be right track to secure the right to say ‘oh I was using romanesco before all those try hard hipster food posers started using it’.

While we haven’t been bothered to check up on the nutritional value of the romanesco we can confirm it looks great in photos in your kitchen with the right lighting. Does it taste like the underside of a slipper? Probably, but don’t worry if you don’t have to eat it, just put it in pictures of you pretending to eat it and watch the likes flood in.

The romanesco is a naturally occurring approximation of a fractal which basically means it’s pretty as fuck to look at.

It doesn’t seem like the romanesco is ready to topple the avocado yet, as experts believe it has to first appear in a paid for Instagram post from one of the cast of Made In Chelsea followed by its appearance in an overpriced salad at that overpriced cafe you came to for overpriced brunch just because the decor is kind of nice.

UPDATE: the romanesco is also referred to as romanesco broccoli, shattering all hope it could become next big food for food bloggers. False alarm folks!