Ireland Win The 6 Nations But More Importantly England Didn’t


THE NATION broke out in wild celebration this weekend after France’s defeat of England confirmed Ireland’s 6 Nations Championship win.

However, separate and concurrent celebrations took place as the Nation more heartily celebrated the fact England had not won the 6 Nations competition.

“I’m not here to question what that says about me, or our Nation’s troubled history with England, I’m just here to jump up and down, fueled by the joy that only England losing at something can bring,” confirmed one England Losing supporter as he scaled to the top of a lamppost in Dublin’s Temple Bar.

Ireland’s hard fought win against Scotland on Saturday brought them to 19 points in the table, a total impossible for England to match following their hilarious and cathartic loss to France later that afternoon.

“It’s a great achievement for the squad while not always playing their best, and with this fantastic championship win, we can’t lose sight of the fact that England didn’t win it, which is perhaps the greater cause for revelry,” confirmed rugby analyst Matt Kenny while getting an ‘England lost’ tattoo on his back.

Next week Ireland head to Twickenham with a shot at making England lose yet again and less importantly, secure a historic Grand Slam.

“They’ll have to watch us lift the fucking trophy, ha ha ha,” added Kenny, now delirious with happiness.

Elsewhere Dublin City Council has confirmed an ‘England Didn’t Win’ open top bus parade for O’Connell Street on Sunday the 18th of March.