Perfect Profile Pic With Mam Not Representative Of How Shitty Local Daughter Can Be


A PICTURE posted by one Waterford daughter which contains all the vital elements for accruing vast amounts of likes online from friends and strangers this Mother’s Day allegedly masks how terrible the woman has been to her mother over the years.

“Mother’s day selfie with the woman who gave her all to raising me even when I wasn’t exactly easy haha. Appreciate Mothers, they give life to the world,” began 25-year-old Lorna Kinshaughlin’s Instagram post, carefully omitting some facts that may be of interest to the 1,236 people who liked her seemingly honest and heartwarming dedication to her mother, 61-year-old Jennifer Kinshaughlin.

Lorna’s popular post has gone unseen by her mother, but experts believe were she to lay eyes on it, she may take issue with her daughter’s butter wouldn’t melt routine.

“Her mother would be within her rights to point out her daughter called her a ‘scabby cunt’ only last week when she said refused to take Lorna’s penalty points for speeding in the family car, but these are just minor details,” explained expert in social media displays of appreciation and affection Tara Pollings.

“The important thing is that Lorna has been able to give some friends and mere acquaintances the impression she is a loving and thoughtful daughter who believes in the power of women and motherhood. Being a bit more truthful about how she regularly screams at and verbally abuses her mother isn’t really important here when pursuing likes,” Pollings confirmed.

Lorna privately weighed up the possibility of putting effort into treating her far better than she does but chose instead to pour her efforts into getting the picture instead.

The popular profile picture of Lorna and her mother depicts the pair in a carefully choreographed embrace in the family kitchen, taken shortly before Lorna called her mother a bitch for asking a perfectly reasonable question.