Thing Woman Didn’t Like Still Not Taken Down From Internet


TO THE SHOCK and astonishment of the wider internet using community, one Waterford woman has revealed the horrible ordeal she is currently going through in an effort to have someone remove something from the internet she doesn’t like.

The vitriolic and offensive piece of internet which 41-year-old Emily O’Holan so dislikes is in fact a tweet which was posted by a Twitter user earlier yesterday morning. Despite endless tweets of complaint, and an attempt to rope her friends into her justice campaign, the tweet remains active.

“I’ve never experienced anything like it, I’ve made my opposition to the tasteless piece of internet known, yet those in charge of the internet have done nothing about it,” a distraught Miss O’Holan shared with WWN.

O’Holan is going through a situation many internet users may find familiar; minding their own business on the internet when some objectionable piece of content, focused on divisive subjects and topics is needlessly provocative.

The mother-of-three’s only remaining options are to continue to complain endlessly about it then getting in touch with the police before being told there is nothing that can be done for her.

The person responsible for generating the vile tweet has refused to engage directly with Miss O’Holan and will not be moved to take deletion action.

“Look, I saw a tweet of hers, it was a picture of her and I’m guessing her kid and I screen grabbed it and said ‘Hey lady, that’s one massive headed baby’ You know the way babies sometimes do be having monstrous heads altogether. Haven’t heard the end of it from her,” 27-year-old accountant from Sligo, Peter Bromly explained to WWN.