“Kicked Her Out As Soon As The Bitch Turned 18” – ‘Daddy Or Chips?’ Father Speaks Out


THE once lauded and universally enjoyed McCain Oven Chips advertisement recently revealed its dark past when WWN tracked down and interviewed the father of the ad’s iconic daughter, Sophie.

Seeking to fill our weekly quota of covering nostalgic and barely passable anniversaries in pop culture has become increasingly difficult but when we interviewed the father responsible for lifting a chip from his daughter Sophie’s fork, we never thought for a second we had unearthed a painful memory for a family.

We were ready for a harmless and pointless ‘this is what they look like’ story just to pique your curiosity but we got a lot more than we bargained for this time.

“I kicked that ungrateful bitch out once she turned 18,” Anthony Jones, the once iconic figure in the enjoyable ad tells us from his kitchen, the scene central to the ad’s once comic ending. Absent were pictures of his daughter and ad’s star, Sophie, long since blocked from his mind.

“First off they told me it was a documentary not a chip ad. Anyway people say I ‘stole’ the chip, I’d love to know how I can steal a chip I worked to earn the money to pay for, and then she picked chips over her own father. I had an obligation to her as a child but once she turned 18 I kicked her the fuck out and have never let her darken my door again,” Jones added, before explaining not all was what it seemed in the ad/documentary.

The ‘gritty documentary’ as it is referred to by Jones apparently sought to chronicle the way chips were being weaponised by big companies to turn their children against their fathers, lacing them with mind altering experimental substances which coax controversial questions out of their brains.

Clearly a painful memory which had pushed Jones to the point of insanity, his thoughts become more intense, his voice louder.

“They poisoned their minds and no one was arrested, no company was fined. They say the substance was 50 times more potent than LSD and worst of all I wasn’t even paid for the ad,” an angry Jones explained.

“Who do you like better Sophie? Daddy or chips?” Sophie’s older, also kicked out of the home sister, Rebecca, asked while drunk on McCain Oven Chips mind altering chemicals, sending Sophie down a rabbit hole of challenging concepts pushing her further and further away from her father.

“The question blew her tiny child mind with the question,” Sophie’s mother Angie chimed in, so rarely the focus of the ad or life itself.

“I refuse to be made feel guilty about kicking her out, she had no respect for me as a father. And talk about father’s rights! I’m being compared to and weighed up alongside a fucking chip? Not even takeaway chips at that!” Jones raged, still distraught by what happened all those years ago.

The last time Jones recalls seeing Sophie was when he threw her out of his car of the local bus station and screamed ‘Daddy or chips? How about Daddy or you can fuck right off!’ Sadly, no one has heard from her since.

McCain have yet to respond to a request for comment regarding this article’s content, however, shockingly it is believed the mind warping chips are still in circulation.