Did You Have One Of These Old Phones? Then You Might Enjoy This Otherwise Pointless Article


MOBILE phones! We all have them now, and if you’re reading this then there’s a very good chance that you’re old enough to have had phones before. Older models, pre-smartphone ones. Maybe you bought them yourself, maybe you got handed an old one after your dad upgraded, and that was your first phone… either way, you’re still reading now so that shows we’ve at least triggered your nostalgia button, and now all we need to do is fill another 200 words or so with words like ‘aerial’ and ‘Snake’ and we’ll get the dwell rate we’re looking for.

In fact… in fact, we’re good. We baited, you clicked, you’re on the page… that’s all an online publisher really needs to do, to be honest. But hey, we promised you a nostalgia buzz so go on, here’s a few paragraphs about a phone you may or may not have had at some stage in your life.


Yay, Nokia. Nokia phones. That ringtone, eh? Classic. Can hear it in our ears right now. Did you have a Nokia? You probably played Snake on it, didn’t you? Wow. Good times, eh? Good times.

Motorola V.Dot

Were you rich? You might have had a V.Dot phone. Hey, we know you came here looking for some light relief from your drudge of a day, but really, we just want to say if you had one of these phones, there’s a good chance everyone hated you.


Ah yeah come here, do you remember the old Siemens phones? Eh? And before there was 4G, there was WAP. Do you remember the WAP, eh? Getting sports results on the WAP, and sure didn’t it take much longer than it does today, didn’t it? Yeah? All good? Fine, that’s us done. We’re off to get a good night’s sleep, we have five more of these fucking nostalgia lists to write in the morning.