Skeletal Remains Of Bantersaurus Rex Discovered In Dublin


THE HISTORIC discovery was made during a routine exploratory dig at a site in Dublin city’s Wood Quay area.

The discovery of the remains of a Bantersaurus Rex was made by an archaeological team from Trinity College, and predate previous Viking findings on the same site by millions of years.

“While there have been historical records hinting at the existence of the Bantersaurus, this is now the first ever real find relating to it,” explained chief archaeologist Dr. Anna Holan.

The skeletal remains are thought to be well-preserved and with further study, the remains could reveal details of how the Bantersaurus Rex lived, ate and spent his free time.

“What we already know is the Bantersaurus spent much of its time grazing in the comment sections of the Lad Bible, Joe, with a particular love of the copyrighted material shared freely there,” explained Dr. Holan, who could not rule out the possibility that the Bantersaurus Rex would be capable of migrating to UFC and soccer forums from time to time.

Known to be mimetic in nature, the Bantersaurus Rex would frequently share amusing content online, under the impression that this made him ‘hilarious’, often mistaking the act of sharing such content as similar to coming up with the material himself.

It is believed the Bantersaurus was also capable of getting shit faced and making a nuisance of himself.

“While we don’t know the cause of death of this particular Bantersaurus, we can speculate that it forgot to feed itself after getting lost in a frenzy of copy and pasting Father Ted quotes,” concluded Dr. Holan.