Touching Moment Parents Share Anti-Sexual Assault Tactics With Daughter Going To 1st Disco


A LOVELY story doing the rounds on the old internet this morning as people have reported tearing up with tears of goodness as they can’t begin to cope with the lovely moment two parents sat their eldest child down to let her know all the ways to avoid being assaulted while attending her first teenage disco.

The adorable parenting duo, John and Karen Grolan, took to sitting their daughter Layla down at home and spelling out the fact that despite being a 13-year-old child they would have to explain to her that she might want to take note of the emergency exits, have her phone on her at all times, and search out an adult if ‘something’ happens before clarifying that she shouldn’t go anywhere with the adult on her own either.

“We’re trying to find a way to spell out the fact that she could be sexually assaulted, but in a way that we don’t have to let our daughter know that’s the sort of world she’s been born into, because, at the end of the day she’s still a child for Christ sake,” explained John, scarcely able to believe this is what his parenting duties are now.

“Do not do anything you do not want to do, do not become separated from your friends, if you are made feel uncomfortable by absolutely anything please ring us, if there’s alcohol do not drink it, do not leave your drink unattended, if you’re dancing with a boy know that you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to,” Layla’s mother, Karen, instructed while maintaining a confident and calm exterior which tried to convey this was a perfectly normal conversation to have, and that the disco as bound to be an enjoyable evening out.

John and Karen had debated the merits of giving Layla one of 547 ‘talks’ she would have to receive as she progresses through her teenage years and into adulthood, with the parents finally deciding it was time to sit her down after reading countless stories about how society really isn’t built to protect their daughter.

“And above all else, just have fun,” concluded the parents cheerily, before settling in for an evening of not being able to relax for one second.