Work Colleague Can Give It, But Can’t Take It


FOR Cathal Murphy, having the bants with friends and work colleagues is what life is all about, that is, however, until someone bants him back, a source close to the man has confirmed to WWN.

“He usually picks on people that he knows won’t fight back,” exasperated work colleague Theresa Hayes explains, “he’s not even funny and basically just repeats the same tired old jests and one liners all the time, everyone in the office is just sick of him”.

“The thing is, when someone does retaliate with even the mildest of retorts, he throws a strop that can sometimes last for hours, even days,” she added.

In one instance last week, the ‘office joker’ pranked fellow work colleague James Howard by covering his office cubicle in yellow post it notes while he was in a work training module.

“Fair enough, James shat in Cathal’s bin when he went out for a smoke, but his reaction when he came back was uncalled for,” said fellow team member Hazel McCormack, referring to how Cathal later emptied the bins runny contents over an office fan, which was at full power, facing Mr. Howard at the time.

“Bottom line here is when the shit hits the fan, James can give it, but he can’t take it,” she concluded.