Man Cancels Plans For Productive Day After Experiencing Minor Adversity


A DUBLIN based professional has cancelled all plans relating to having a productive and focused day at work after encountering what can only be described as the most minor of adversities.

Stephen Follens had boarded a Dart first thing this morning with a renewed focus having made a promise to himself to ‘absolutely own work today’.

However, shortly after disembarking the Dart at Connolly Station the course of Mr. Follens’s day changed in the most tragic way possible.

“Honestly, you couldn’t have met a more determined guy than me half an hour ago, but sometimes life shits on you and you can’t do anything but cancel all plans,” Follens explained.

The incident comes just 6 years after Follens first promised himself he would do a proper intense and consistent day’s work, however, he has been hit with minor adversity after minor adversity ever since, making such productivity impossible.

“When life throws you sour lemons, make a promise to yourself to do fuck all work. The universe sent me a message today and that message was ‘ah fuck it, you’ve just stepped in a puddle. Productivity can wait for another day'” Follens added, detailing the moment his right sock was left a bit damp.

The 28-year-old confirmed he would press on with his day, but it would contain little or no enthusiasm and depending on how things go he might just clock off an hour early.

“We’re fully behind Stephen during this tough time,” confirmed management at accountancy firm Follens works at, before admitting they were so deeply disturbed by their employees ordeal that they might have to take the rest of the day off.