Fair City To Be Outsourced To India


IRELAND’S national broadcaster RTE has announced some major changes to the popular soap opera Fair City today, following news that the production was to be relocated as part of its decision to sell 8.64 acres of land for €107.5m to Cairn Homes.

A total of 220 people who currently work on the program were offered a significant redundancy by RTE chiefs, who then later confirmed that the entire set will be relocated to Mumbai in India, while a cast of new actors will also be outsourced to the south Asian country.

“We can’t wait to step foot in Kareshtown,” said actor Rajesh Numar, who will now be playing the part of Robbie in the new series, “never before have I read such a wondrous script. The cult storyline is really good, but my only hope now is that my fellow countrymen can write such amazing things. Groundbreaking stuff”.

It is expected that the new writing team will focus more on Indian based topics, some of which the new producers say were a bit too close to the bone for commissioners at the Dublin based TV station.

“We won’t be going down the gang rape route as one of the RTE lawyers had a stroke when we pitched that idea,” explained producer Ramesh Patel, “but do expect some Bollywood style song and dance in McKrishna’s pub. I honestly can’t wait to get started on this”.

Fans of the show have welcomed the move.

“They can’t be bleedin’ worse than the shower that were in it,” said one fan on Twitter, “I only look at the thing to take the piss out of it”.

The new series of Fair City is to air in April this year.