Vandals Urged To Give Defibrillators A Go Before Smashing Them


LOCAL vandals who destroyed a public defibrillator in Waterford city centre have been urged to keep up their good work, provided they try out the next defibrillator they target on themselves before they smash it.

Known for their life-saving properties in cases of sudden cardiac incidents, public defibrillators have been erected in many communities across the country, usually following charitable donations from locals who banded together to raise the €2,000 or so that a unit costs.

However, the units are frequently targeted by local gangs who have run out of life-rings to destroy on the canal, leading to defibrillator experts urging youths to ‘give the unit a buzz next time’, instead of just kicking it off the wall.

“Make sure it’s fully charged, for starters,” said one local resident, who ran a number of money-raising coffee mornings and table quizzes to raise funds for a defibrillator in his hometown.

“All the way, there’s a good lad. Then get the two paddles and place one on either temple. Don’t put them on your chest, that’s just something they do on telly. In real life, either side of your head, right beside your ears. Then press the triggers – trust me, you’ll be doing yourself and everyone else around here a huge favour. If you have any friends with you that were going to break the unit, let them have a go too”.

“In fact, the more of you, the merrier”.