Pope Francis To Charge Ireland €20 Million For Three Hail Marys & An Our Father


THE COST of Pope Francis’s visit to Ireland next year will cost an estimated €20 million, with the need to spend money on security among other things explaining the extensive costs incurred by the taxpayer.

However, WWN was shocked to learn the pontiff, one of the most in demand performers in the world, charges by the prayer with many accusing the Catholic Church’s leader of being anything but value for money.

“The Vatican sent on their invoice this morning it just says €20 million for three Hail Marys and an Our Father, we’re a little disappointed to say the least,” confirmed organiser’s of Ireland’s most anticipated summer festival Phoenix Park’s Popetacular.

Frequent festival goers are used to high profile performers coasting by on their greatest hits so such news will come as no surprise, however, the price charged could put people off attending.

“Look, we know Francis is a diva, the man wears a white cape and drives around in a Pope Mobile, but the fact he’s not willing to play any B-sides, you know, Old Testament shit, some fans will go home disappointed,” added die hard Pope fan Maureen Murrin.

“The ginger fella just goes out on stage with his guitar and he charges, what, €80? So I think the Pope has some fucking explaining to do,” added one disgruntled Pope fan, Sr. Aine O’Brien.

The Vatican have tried to reassure Pope fans that he is worth the cost, with a spokesperson implying a 9-hour fireworks display depicting the Last Supper is just one of many things the Pope has up his sleeves.